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30th Jul 2013

To Kill An Airstream

Atticus Finch said in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, “You never really understand a person… until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”   This is...

29th Jun 2013
Desert AS

Airstreams are for Mother-in-Laws; The Desert in Summer is Not.

Last week marked the official beginning of summer. It is unofficially the second full month that we’ve seen triple digits here in Phoenix this year. (We first hit 100 degrees...

20th Jun 2013
No Place Like Home

Airstreams are for Mother-in-Laws? (Part Three)

We settled on a trailer for my mother and I have to tell you straight away that it is not an Airstream. It is a 35’ Silver Streak.  Brian did a lot...

18th May 2013

Airstream Ghosts

My last trip to Bisbee, AZ was over 10 years ago.  We had some biker friends visiting, and they wanted to ride there for an overnight trip. One friend, a history teacher,...

07th May 2013

Airstreams are for Mother-in-Laws? (Part Two)

Some of my close friends accuse me of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, for the simple reason that I like things very organized and preferably perfectly matched. I don’t see the...

12th Apr 2013

Airstreams are for Mother-in-Laws? (Part One)

Brian’s father passed away a year and a half ago, and with persistent encouragement, he finally got his mother to agree to venture out and visit us in Arizona.  She...

22nd Mar 2013
Broadway Nashville Airstream

Airstream: A Little Bit Country?

I noticed that the ACM Awards are coming up soon. I have little knowledge about country music so when my childhood friend, Kim, bought tickets to “The Brothers of the...

22nd Feb 2013
airstream pinata

Viva La Airstream

For our very first trip in our Caravel, Brian and I decide to take the dogs and head to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for 5 days! It’s an awesome treat for...

25th Jan 2013

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Airstream

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Airstream unless thou intends to buy it. And pay a price that you will both still feel neighborly about afterward. Our next door neighbor (yes,...

11th Jan 2013

Airstream Trailer Karma

Chapter 10:  Ever since we named Elvis, there’s been a nagging feeling in the back of my mind about disturbing the trailer’s Karma. Especially now that Brian is starting to put him back...

21st Dec 2012

Airstream Parties

Chapter 9:   I received my first issue of Airstream Life. It’s a quarterly publication that I subscribed to, hoping that it will have some interesting articles for people like me just...

23rd Nov 2012

Airsteam Insulation

Chapter 8: Brian and I make a good team. We have completed a lot of renovation projects that are beautiful and done right. However, I use the term “team” very...

02nd Nov 2012

Airstream Extreme Makeover

Chapter 7: Brian comes from a very smart family. His father went to Harvard and his father’s father went to Harvard. There are a lot of PhDs floating around. Not only...

19th Oct 2012

Naming the Airstream Trailer

Chapter 6. I wake up the first morning as the proud new owner of a little 1962 Airstream Safari, and immediately I realize that I have to refer to it...

05th Oct 2012

The Vegas Airstream

Chapter 5. It’s a happy day! I came across an ad on Craig’s List for a used Airstream Safari. I immediately Google “Airstream Safari” and find a rock band in...

21st Sep 2012

Shopping for a “Vintage” Airstream

Chapter 4:  The term vintage by definition refers to a season’s yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard. Nowadays, the word vintage seems to describe anything that is not new,...

07th Sep 2012

Airstream Sticker Shock

Chapter 3: And I was complaining about how expensive my memory foam mattress was… I was also bragging that when I want to buy something, I do. I officially take...

24th Aug 2012

The Airstream Cult

Chapter 2: We were on our way home from tent camping, malodorous and weary from lack of proper sleep. I’m wearing my old favorite DKNY baseball cap. (My answer to trailer trash quiz #1)....

03rd Aug 2012
#4 Must Have

Woman Seeking Trailer

Chapter 1: How it all began. I do not consider myself “old”, but when Brian declared the first morning of tent camping, “I’m getting too old to get up and down off...